One looks for attention in various ways. The need to be recognized seems almost universal. Yet, seeking attention without balance becomes certainly more distasteful and then later repulsive. All we thinking persons realize these truths at one point. And then there are those, I and others among them, who do not wish others to follow. It is not that the attention is unneeded, or even unwelcome, but there is something troubling about the weight of another person's thought upon one's words that becomes immediately burdensome. And witnessing how the words expressed are altered in the mind of another, just enough to make them vile, inspires a reaction, a clarification.

The narcissists and those engaged in the delight of control seem to want subordinates and inferiors, ones that will cling to every word and expression such that there is no mentorship, but rather obedience. Who are those who wish to express themselves, but they do not want a following?