Familial Gaslighting and Other Joys

Family is a strange concept, especially when applied to those whose genetics we share. These are persons with whom we are tied and to whom we are bound, almost no matter what the consequences. There are no expectations that may be breached in such a way that my brother is no longer my brother, at least not traditionally. There are those who have broken from their families, but they seem to do so in extreme circumstances.

What is most astounding is the circumstance in which one member of the family attempts repeatedly to control and dominate the others. It is not so much that someone attempts control - that effort is quite common - but rather it is strange that they do so without any understanding of how they are acting. They claim that they do not do what they are doing while they are denying what they do. One can witness this way of being sit immediately before one, and the gender of the offender matters in no way. There are as many females as males, or other gender identities, who participate in this version of denial as there are males. This dilemma is not limited to male behavior, or to male-pattern behavior. .

Yet, the investigation of it seems to be limited to one gender.