Consideration of Politics

Have some political advice, my friend. Take it and do with it what you please! When thinking of truth one must consider all options, then reconsider- regularly. Yet, when thinking about politics and facts, one must take another approach. The Buddhists are correct in that there is no single cause for anything. This stance seems obvious once one has made the correction in thinking, but there are full many politicians who practice the rhetoric of simplicity in order to gain traction with the lowest common denominator. They say things proceed either one way, or another - as if to suggest that there are only two options. There would, most times, then be only one cause. Never is there merely one cause for whatever troubles the citizen or state. One must also, of course, be open to unpleasant and unwelcome factors, and there are many.

Additionally, one must think only in terms of probabilities. How many factors settled into the current state about which you make an assertion? The more factors you have considered, the more accurate your description of that happenstance, factually anyway. Perhaps even the more sympathy you will generate inside your mind! Once you have considered many causes, you will see that the more happenstance, them more probability that something will take place. You will be able to predict with great accuracy.

If one takes these two factors into consideration on each occasion they make an assertion, they will have some science on their side. It is the manner of thinking of science, and it does apply to facta - things done. The comprehension of politics will be beautiful to witness!

It is not, however, the case that mere repetition of the same - mere category of happenstance - indicates truth. The heat death of the universe will annihilate all of the above kind of "truth." Truth must take into account all that takes place and probability, but truth lies beyond mere fact. That is a metaphysical consideration, and politics and metaphysics make a strange, and sometimes toxic, mix. Metaphysics is another, more careful and less clear and less certain, consideration that must be pursued in a context other than this one.