Congratulatons, Classicists!

Congratulations, future Classicists! You have both privilege and duty to continue a stalwart tradition. You carry with you the past, if only in the form of your personal interests. Perhaps more. These old languages are not dead; they are on life support. That vitality is you and your openness to the past. The old communities were far from perfect, and we encourage you to criticize them, but also we exhort you to explain to others what good they did, what is worth considering and preserving. Be mindful of new ways of comporting yourself towards others, but do not forget that these old languages are not the enemies of progress or betterment. They carry with them necessarily neither anti-revolutionary sentiment, nor reactionary positioning. They are virtues for the future and warnings from the past. Revere them and encourage others to do the same.

Gratulor vobis! Euge!