Alan finished his observation of the bathroom. There were no stains in the tub, nor were there any sections where it needed to be repaired. He had covered each centimeter of each section of the bathroom, searching for leaks or cracks anywhere. He had found nothing; his inspector found nothing. Alan had scrutinized every corner of each room of the condominium. He had looked in every cabinet and he required his inspector to do the same. Every centimeter of every place in the unit had been observed and analyzed. There was a crack in the tile of the bathroom and the dish washer needed to be replaced, but every part of the condominium from floor to ceiling seemed sound and solid. Alan agreed to close a day later. He moved into the new unit a week after that.

As he sat on his futon a month after he had completed his rearrangement of his life, Alan felt a cold, wet sensation - part of which splattered on his arm and face.