Better than Most Humans

Steve the cat just looked at my morning supplement pills, which include probiotics, a multi-vitamin and a flaxseed pill. They would do him no good, and I do not know how much harm they would have brought to him, had he eaten them. He smelled them from a short distance and I drew them up into my hands before he started licking them. Again, I do not know by any means, but it struck me that distance we share, Steve and I. He does not have any inkling of possession, only current control and use. There is no attachment of food or water, or really anything, to a person or to a creature. His position consists of what he is able to take, and right now. I only interfere with what he can take at this moment by removing something from his grasp, or by keeping him from grasping at all.

Yet, he is an affectionate animal. He knows when I feel badly. He comforts me.