Beautifully Deadly

There exists a certain kind of entropy in physical things, one which remains elusive and intimately familiar in the comprehension of physical objects and processes. In fact, a thing and a process seem to be merging in the minds of those who concern themselves with physics, but the entropy about which I write differs from mere four-dimensional repetition. It is the metaphysical, in this case meaning that which comes along with measurement.

It seems to be a flowing of ability in the form of energy that is a movement. This movement brings motion to what is there, and this motion becomes the activity of quality and for humans it forms their character and thus their actions. Entropy is then more than mere order that comes to chaos. It is a flowing of what - or a kind of quality - into becoming and then it is the dissipation of that harmony that is what we call beauty. It can be thus terrible and frightening as it dissipates from the harmonious into the destructive. Accordingly, there is a deadly beauty that it possesses The continual flowing away of that order and harmony is an opening into other, a not-what that is necessarily a part of the what. It is there, the what and not, that is so familiar to those of us who have lived with nothing.

I suspect you may enjoy that thought.