Athenians Who Hated Socrates

There are, it seems, those who are saying that the war in Israel against Hamas and the Ukraine war are both evidence of the unfolding of civilization. One hears faint voices about these things, sounds that come from a distance when one has largely abandoned social media. One also hears historians claim that we are witnessing the mere unfolding of history, a regular occurrence. The rumors of the end of civilization seem to be exaggerated.

It does seem, almost always, that the present order of things is ending, or at least there is a shock to the system, whatever the system happens to be at present. Those who are comfortable and asleep become aware momentarily and the single, fleeting moment of awareness jolts them. The end seems near as the fear rises. They are more susceptible to the assertion that history is ending, and we do have the climate crisis to take into consideration. It will affect history, and your precious economic system.

Still, though civilization may significantly change, or even collapse, humans will survive. They will kill most living creatures around them in order to continue their existence. They are not beyond that primary imperative.

It seems also, though, that our way of living in the western world has become rigid. The system of enterprise and capitalism that has been put to place since the second world war is now under siege...again. There have been successes on the part of these adversaries, and the reverberations that sound when there comes a blow to this present order shocks those who have become momentarily awakened, disturbing them further. These are those who are unaware of history, largely, and they seem to be the same ones who claim on their social media accounts that civilization is coming to an end.

Perhaps they want to obtain some attention, and so they make a dramatic claim, hoping to gain attention while Rome burns.