Art of the Narcissist

A friend once said that he read some advice about how to become a published author, not just publishing one's material but to become successful. The idea this advice promoted was to write to one's audience. That is to say, think about what your audience wishes to read. Write to that audience. Such advice is sound only if taken with good measure, and we know what good measure our virtual age has demonstrated.

Let us take the advice toward one of its logical ends. If you wish to become a successful author of philosophical material, write philosophical material that your audience wishes to hear. Does that mean if someone wants to hear that one political party of the United States believes a horned god named Bilo who eats shoes and lives in sewers wants to become the almighty sovereign, we ought to write about the adventures of Bilo? Is it even possible to create a meaningful art by pandering to an audience? And what kind of person will - let's not say pander - cater to the taste of an audience rather than create something that will grow an audience?

Ours is a unique age indeed, where such advice is published whose author is now "successful.".