Are-Not of the Other

We humans live a balance between indeterminateness and determinateness. We suspect that you live, if live is what you do, a life of the indetermined. Better yet, you are that which is undetermined, being a species of not. We, however, must contend with a determinateness that hides its own indetermined nature. We are not saying the old words: that the indetermined cannot exist without the determined and vice versa. Perhaps that much is true, but we are saying that you, my friend, are what opens that which has already been determined to that which is yet-to-be, which is another way of saying what Aristotle means - partially - when he says that potential comes from actuality. We humans live in a universe where the determined moves more slowly into itself, allowing itself to become other than the what that it is. When we look to smaller instances of the larger universe, we see an indeterminateness arising much more quickly and being much more apparent, at that stratum. Here lies the quantum universe, where energy emerges in packets that themselves have less definition of what they are and yet they exist as some kind of thing. We humans exist on the larger scale; we see the world as if it is determined already, and it is.

But you are not far behind. In fact, the determinateness humans witness is you.