Another Age

There is an audio recording currently available on one of our better news agencies that tells its listeners how to live in a more healthy manner. The main argument seems to be that the people of a specific region merely live their lives. They concern themselves about more than their health. So, the awareness of and the obsession of health coming from those engaged in a kind of distorted meditation in the form of compulsion over supplements, certain kinds of foods and probiotics ought to loosen the reins of their concentration. Perhaps it is not a bad idea, but I wonder what actual affect it will have upon those listening. I wonder how listeners listen. They seem to take one or two points from a given discussion and make use of only. that one or those two insights. They may take from this audio that they will benefit from ignoring their health. The idea obviously was not to ignore such an important issue, but rather the suggestion was to refrain from compulsion.

There is no sense of moderation or refinement here. Did such a way of refining one's habits and of thinking in nuances for everyday acts and concerns exist in another age?