I must admit that I am sending you a complaint today, my friend. I cannot abide certain persons and their lack of development. I must qualify my words here by saying that I have little tolerance for most things human. It will be good to return to you more fully, to be no longer human. At any rate, I cannot abide those clever persons who cannot find any other course of action than to nay-say. When there is a coming crisis, or perhaps an already-transpired calamity, the only course of action they know, one that protects their reputation for cleverness, is to proclaim how nothing can be done.

"I am so clever and educated! Look! See! I am doing nothing. Congratulate me!"

I am not saying that I have hope, my friend. I am too close to you to think of hope or expectation as some kind of metaphysical property of the correct direction of belief. That is improper altogether, improper for those of us in the trenches. There are many things that simply cannot be changed. Perhaps we are already on the path toward annihilation through climate change, for instance. Yet, it is the genuinely tragic situation of a civilization that has made its mistake, its hamartia, and now we must demonstrate that we are able to recognize it. I only wish that those with any ability to alleviate the suffering or reverse the calamity somewhat have sense enough to recognize that the entire world economy must change.

Will there be any kind of recognition? They keep saying no with their actions, in order to seem so clever. I suspect you have something to do with this situation, my friend, though I cannot see quite how it is the case. I will continue pondering.