An Empty Request

I need more advice, my friend. I need time and peace in order to work, but I live in a society that expects I own or I lose. I understand the need for material goods and for labor. I do. But, I find very little value in owning Real Estate or a jet ski. Food and shelter, yes. Expensive automobiles or costly mansions peak no interest in me, none at all. I want only a simple living with a lively inner existence. I seek also companionship and some love, but they are elusive. I have attempted for so many years to find a lasting "other I" who understands and comforts, but mostly I need that they remain through difficulty. That endurance is lacking in this soft age with its hard edges, children commanding billions of dollars worth of resources and deciding for others what, precisely, will be required of them.

I need to drop one of my duties, but I cannot. I need a friend with good counsel. What are your thoughts?