An Empty Fate

If there is a god who has created the universe, then that creator has left the creation to do as it pleases, in a certain sense. There is no interference in the world in order to make things just or in some way right for human beings. There exists no correction of human behavior by a transcendent, moral good. It is perhaps the case that this god cares nothing for humans or that this god cares in such a strange way about them that the care is indecipherable by human understanding, but that way of comprehending god is generous, and unlikely. The likeliness is that we head in no general direction; we wander one manner and direction and then another

Watch what is happening to the whole of the earth; see how human society seems to be acting as it always has while the weather patterns change and while whole ecosystems are falling into ruin. We have grasped enough of the environment to kill, not enough to save. Some say our morality has not progressed alongside our ability to manipulate natural processes; our political institutions are stable, but crumbling; certain political actors carry on as if no truly existential crisis is taking place, and wealthy humans concern themselves with purchasing the remaining potable water.

What plan is taking place?