An Akratic Condition

I do not believe that I expected our orange nightmare to lift itself from our political, environmental and overall cultural lives , not soon at least. I did not even expect an alleviation of the worst sort of nihilism and the desecration of all that is decent and good in the democracy that we live, such as there are good things in a thoughtless capitalism. Yet, when I teach the children that I see five days out of the week, I wonder at what will happen to them when the water has run dry, when the resources overall become still more rare. We may run out of water by 2050, and that means not that we will have as much water as we wish until that time. It means that the potable water will become ever more rare, expensive and difficult to attain, and it is the worst of the humans who will survive, they being the ones who will simply look to their own interests during war and drought and famine, which is happening as I write these words. These are the ones who purchase water and land with water on it at this very moment. That is their thought: purchase land in order to survive and continue their control over resources.

We have been warned several times. There were even films in the 1970s about shortages of fuel and about a barren planet. The need for some kind of rational understanding of our finitude was very necessary - still is - and yet our whole human race commits moral errors knowingly.