Aged Thought

Do you remember, old friend, when we perhaps arrogantly thought that should our lives - really only my life - fall into ruin, we would continue investigating and learning as we did when all was in order? We thought that even should we go to prison, philosophy and its children would accompany us into a world where we remained well and whole. Comforting ourselves under those conditions would be easy!

Study is a comfort and a joy; that much is true. My mother told us that we need to take a break. "Relax," she said. No words explaining that the thought is the process and activity that soothes could capture her attention long enough to convince her, and friends who were not in our company long enough could not imagine that arising at 6am and learning immediately are joys enough for the entire day.

Anyone reading may say that what we claim is trite, overused, but what we have learned, if nothing else, is that a thought is a good, no matter how old. The insight must be a just one, naturally, but it is a comfort.

Why is it not enough?