Age of LIght

Some wonder at the physicists' assertion about uncertainty. It is not that I they do not believe that the experiments are incorrect, but as these discoveries - that a particle somehow changes when it is observed for example - are immediately distorted. The degree to which there is a difference is our question, and thus the question becomes what is the level of importance of the observer and its affect upon the observed. Humans have a tendency to make themselves the center of everything, a position which makes the most horrendous actions acceptable, and even moral. They tend to believe that they are so significant that without human perception the universe would not exist. Yet, the "observer" can be a mechanism that - quite alone and lacking any human input - completes the experiment and influences what light is doing. The affect upon light cannot be the effect of producing light. Light may be modified by the observation, but human significance cannot create the photon.

How would I know?

The velociraptor saw what was around it with light.