Act and Acted

Some work in order by themselves. They need no stimulation to act; they establish their own parameters. These persons sometimes create great art. They sometimes are able to do a great service to humanity and even to other than humanity, those creatures often ignored. There are others who are incapable of self-movement. They need an authority to do what society or family perhaps requires of them. They cannot, say, write a paper without an outline already provided for them. The persons whom I have encountered who are not self-determined in this manner cannot seem to arise from bed in the morning. They are not necessarily lazy, and they are certainly not useless, but they do not have the drive and determination to be a self-moved mover. What makes these different kinds, of course not the only kind or shade of determined or undetermined person, is as yet unknown. The debate concerns nature and Bildung. The impress of society is often not enough to create a self-moved mover, and nature lacks sufficiency. The compromise between the two seems characteristically a facile declaration.

It may be that what it is that determines is in need of determination. That a person acts is as they are acted upon.