A Rough Estimate

The plan for today is neither simple nor is it easy to understand, but it will give to us the regimentation needed for a better life. We awake at 5:30am, aware that we must return home no later than 5:31pm. Our first order of business is the washing of genitals and the scrubbing of hair to which is granted ten-fifteen minutes, surely sufficient time for soap all over the body, shampoo of the comeliest fragrance and conditioner of the hair and skin. We then allot seven minutes for the cleaning of the litter box in the bathroom, a duty which is necessarily done after one has cleaned oneself. Five minutes then can be allotted to eating breakfast and some element of feline affection. twenty-two minutes only can the route to work last and then setting us in the office must last no more than eight. Two hours thirty-two minutes and seventeen seconds will be available for various tasks at work, more if my superior asks, since they have the power of life and death over me. The allotted thirty minutes for lunch ought to be foregone, since the current crisis in the office must be tended. We must find more clients! The afternoon ought to be the same with three and three-quarters hours dedicated to various sundry of the office: giving commands to the administrative assistants, chatting only briefly with other workers, assuring my superior that the office is, in fact, my second family. Another four hours and thirty minutes again are to be dedicated to work in the office, but especially the shoring up of personal friendships with those who will be essential for possible promotion. There are then twenty-nine minutes remaining for the trip home.