A Powerful Bit of Nothing

Once again, my empty companion, we are amazed at the contribution you make! I listened yesterday, and then I read what you added. It was a blissful release that I experienced when you were here, and the freeing of concept, the dissolution of self, these both were the best most-needed of all things. You leave us with a fresh palate and, as used to be said, a clean slate, though perhaps the slate was not completely clean. You are a ridding of all that is there, while there is something yet present. One cannot even imagine blackness as your affect. Even the lack of color is for you some kind and positioning of hue. You are the most awe-inspiring emptiness!

And that is what makes you so unique. You are in every thing and process, at the very peak of its being and the height of its qualitative movement! Thank you for your contribution to our forum yesterday. You are always welcome here, but then you are ever-present and ubiquitous as well!