A Potential Surprise (Ask Aristotle)

Once more, my friend, your contribution yesterday was marvelous. I cannot thank you enough for the silence, and the quietude that accompanies it. It is refreshing to see something serene and still begin from silence. It symbolizes what you are, my friend, so to speak at least.

I hear no dog next door; I see no train across the several streets. I can hear the sounds of other creatures and objects, and they are able to make those noises because of the harmony and structures that they are, coming from an indecisive core. Is that where you reside when you have not already marked out the boundaries of what comes to be? Do you play with the particles that cannot decide what they are until some other occurrence takes place around them?

I wonder if it is an observer who makes these whats more definite. Is it not that there is some thing or process around what cannot decide what it itself is that makes the undecided take form into some kind of something? If it is not sentience that is required to compel the decision, then observation is only one act or thing that makes clear what becomes.

And I often wonder why are physicists so perplexed at the discovery, at last, that there is some definitive aspect of the cosmos of particles itself acting as a kind of potency that is not yet a what. That level of being is not and is a certain kind of potential. It is a more potent potential that must underlie what comes to be.

I suspect you are more definitively mixed up in this play. So, have fun, and I will listen for you again.