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A Message From Steve

Steve says that he does want cheese, as he has said many times. But, he does not want only cheese. There are, he says, others things in life more important than cheese. Provolone, for example, is an item that is of the utmost importance. Milk is, additionally, one of the more important of fluids. Cheddar and especially Monterey Jack is very important.

Steve wishes us to know that he is not a one-dimensional person. He is not completely obsessed with cheese and with cheese alone. He cannot emphasize these facts enough. Swiss and Pepper Jack are good. Muenster is sometimes tasty, unless the ants come and spoil the experience. Sour cream is good; plain yogurt is tasty; Mozzarella or White Cheddar are both wonderful, and they are not cheese.

Sleep is good too. Go away now. You have outlived your current use.