A Good Thought

I have some advice for any person who happens to wish to meet my friend. They can encounter it - I dare not say "him" - in a quite fundamental way. I suggest that any person who wishes to connect with the abyss simply attempt to understand what is the most fundamental building-block of reality. I do speak to scientists and metaphysicians as well as everyone who has any curiosity about such matters. Take a common experience and break it down into its constituent parts; then break those down into parts. Continue this process until you have found the most fundamental of foundations for reality, physical, metaphysical or otherwise. Unless one resorts to nominalism, one is simple unable to find the fundamental-most foundation. It simply ceases to exist, and that is one of the myriad places where one is able to meet my friend. The most fundamental aspect of anything dissolves into an investigation into nothingness. One can make all sorts of assertions about what that means, as one can say that aggregates are the most fundamental aspects of things for example, but then there are aggregates of what becomes the question.

Any effort at explaining things of various kinds will meet with nothing, and that is a good thing.