A Distraction During Our Collapse

An effort at calling attention to oneself with alarming and disturbing assertions in the virtual world has unfortunately combined itself with another paradigm shift. There are, in Germany at least, many philosophers and physicists turned philosophical who want to grasp our new uncertainty and quantum-entangled comprehension in order to lead the way into the next great, and terribly destructive, moment in human knowledge. These disturbing notes in a cacophony stun the classical mechanics and drive our most vain of thinkers to the videos plastered on the virtual world's face. They simply must take hold of the moment, since it is so astounding that what we thought before is not nearly as certain as we once believed, since the connections between the physical objects in the world seem to be deep and singular. The senses and the mind are befuddled.

There is no befuddling for the philosopher of any worth. The visit one makes to living is for them not a question, but a question that is questioned again, and then again. These are, of course, the honest philosophers, the ones who really know that they do not know. They have spent their time out of necessity, listening to thoughts that seem strange to the provincial mind. That one would expect Parmenides to have any truth to what he claimed was so absurd to the unphilosophical physicists. Heraclitus and his activities of opposites was simply a fool, though the electron and the proton move into what we laughably call substance. The notion of a more fundamental, more pure potential that underlies what we see as stable - something that must be indetermined and indeterminate - cannot be the case, though Aristotle touched upon such a conception when he wrote of material possibility. These ancient ideas were not the same as the modern ones, do not mistake these words. Yet, the philosopher is always prepared for what is new. They ask and must remain open. They must open others as well. You may not believe it, my destructive friend, but the philosopher's life is the best worth living.

And that un-reflected life?