A Comforting Absurdity

To those who believe in the immoral soul I cast doubt, though I have for them a thought. If the soul exists and if it is immortal, it must not be subject to time. Its essence must come from some timelessness. If that is so, then there are consequences. It must have no qualities, since predication comes from a what that makes itself within time and space. Time and space are linked, or the same, aspects of existence, so there would be no "place" to go for a kind of thing that no longer has the burden of living. There would then be no motion, since there would be no place to move, nothing subject to time. The immortal soul would have no place, no time and no act, since the action of a living creature would need the matrix of space-time and the ability to move in order to exist. The soul may then be a living being that exists on a different plane? We cannot know a life such as that, except in a wild imagination.

Imagine, then, that the soul exists in the way above described, it exists in a way that cannot be imagined, just felt. There is no time or space and there is no kind of thing that the soul is. It is released from the body and there are other souls that "do" the same, though there can be no act from a soul without a kind of being. Here there is a difference that cannot exist, since there is no kind of thing to differentiate between souls, but leave that assertion be. The soul would then, since it is subject to time no longer, exist immediately with the other souls that have "died." They would appear altogether at once in the same "place" at the same "time", since there is no time and space.

It would then be the case that all ensouled creatures would die "at once", though time would not exist. They would be nondifferentiated, and thus not significantly different from one another. When one dies, then, they will visit and be undifferentiated from all the souls of those who have already died.

Everyone dies at once.