I think, my friend, that you have no relatives who seek to control what you do. You seem to “act” in every way and in every thing as you do. No biological entity has any control over you. As for we biological creatures, we have struggled against and with relatives and co-workers who have need of control; they use political moments in order to maintain a hold that simply suppresses and does nothing constructive. Many of us, but not the majority, have managed for millennia to refrain from becoming what they are: petty tyrants. And we attempt to avoid these sorts of person in regular life. Yet, in spite of warnings from historians and admonitions from educators petty tyrants arise ever anew. They are everywhere intractable where they continue to dwell, achieving dominance with grasping fingers. It is as if they surrender to the lower part of human being that needs to control first and consume later. They must take. They must hold some thing or person against themselves in such a way that they control the very conatus of the other.

I would suggest that these thugs be pulled from the ground root and all, but they seem to be the nature that we at once wish to preserve.