The Higher Pyrrhonic

There are those who claim to have an interest in art and culture, and then there are those who are interested in art and culture. The interested ones need to say little about what drives them to observe, or read. What is there calls to them. They are unable to keep themselves away. Conventional wisdom assists in their investigation, but it does not suffice. A constant desire for more explanation - more synthesis - arises, and when there is at last some element of unification, some grand beginning of single comprehension of novels, of sculpture or of physics, then the unity is shattered almost as quickly as it arrived in this virtual age. The investigation begins again, and a new direction, or perhaps a revisitation and deepening of the old one, arises. Accompanying this regular cycle, for those who actually have the interest, is a state of confusion. It is a healthy ignorance that philosophers have known since at least the time of Socrates.

But it is difficult to live, for those uninterested, or for those interested only by shades. It is not something that holds the interest of the mass.