Punk The Punk

Here is a suggestion:

Find your way into a punk bar in the city. Also, find a way to play whatever kind of songs you please. The ability to play any song is important here, and you may need to change the venue in order to perform this task. When the music begins to play, be sure to dance in whatever way is acceptable to the crowd. Wait about an hour, and be sure to act as punk as possible; you want to be a part of the crowd.

Then, play a love song, something that is about as conventional and pop-culture as possible. I suggest "Silly Love Songs" my Paul McCartney or "Annie's Song" by Bob Denver, but you can produce the desired effect with any conventional love melody. Be sure as well that you go out onto the floor and dance in as formal and again conventional manner as possible.

Watch for the reaction...

...and be sure that you have some way of defending yourself.