Ceasing of the Rage

I notice that there is a sturdy trend that has arisen, to give animals human names. No-one ought to object to the growing trend to make a friend, or apparently a child, from a hairy family member. I do recall, though, that this trend existed some time ago. David, Artemis, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Clark, Molly all have long been members of our family, with David being named in the late eighties, if I remember correctly. These animals were always friends, and never property, though if the need should ever have arisen we would have asserted our legal claim on property such as an animal in order to protect them, keep them at home. I wonder at the wisdom of making animals into property, legally speaking or otherwise. Yet, if we were to let go of the legal claim, would any rights exist for these creatures? Humans cohabitate with some animals and regularly kill other creatures for food. We grew into predation and now wish to depart it, at least as much as possible. That is a good, I suspect, but it seems that for most humans their principles continue existing only so long as their comforts exist.

That "stopping short" never leaves us, but I am glad at it. There will be peace at some point. The rage will cease.